Measuring for curtains and blinds


We suggest using a metal tape measure for accuracy.

The first step is to decide whether you want your curtains to hang from a track or pole, both should be positioned approimately 15cm above the window and extend approximately 20cm either side.

Fit the track/pole before taking measurements.


Measure the width of your pole between the finials, or the whole length of the track.


Pencil and Pinch Pleat heading - measure from the eye of the pole ring for a track. If you have a track, measure from the top of the track.

Eyelet Heading - measure from the top of the pole.

For other headings please contact us for advice.


Before measuring the length, decide where you would like the curtains to fall. We suggest that:

- sill length curtains finish 1.25cm above the sill

- curtains failling below the sill finish 10 to 15cm below the sill

- floor length curtains finish 1.5cm from the floor unless you would like them to trail on the floor.


Decide where you will fit the track; it can either sit inside the window recess, or above the window frame.


Recess width - measure the inside of the recess in three places; top, middle and bottom; give us the narrowest width. Confirm your measurement as Recess Width, and we will allow for 1 or 2cm to avoid friction when pulling the blind up or down.

Blind width - measure the full width of the window frame and add a further 5cm either side. Please confirm this measurement as Blind Size.


Measure from the top of where you will place the track down to where the blinds will end.

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